Getting ready for kick-off against
Saudi Arabia

Ireland 1 Saudia Arabia 0

Ireland 2 Saudi Arabia 0

Ireland 3 Saudi Arabia 0

Norris Stevens (with beard) a well known George Michael tribute act
from Dublin enjoying the crack at
The Shamrock.

The Buckleys, from left to right:
Margo, Emily & Tony

Father Fin preaches another
sermon at The Shamrock

We start them young
at The Shamrock

This young 'lady' wants to give
Claudio a piggy-back
... we think!

One of the stars at The Shamock, Pap, also known as Larry. One of the 'Looky Looky' men he gets up and does a couple of songs with the lads every night. You should hear his version of "Molly Malone" and "Fields of Athenry"!

Bar Staff during the Ireland - Spain World Cup match ... and they were still friends two hours later!

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